Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Blogathon is On!

The date for the Police Wives Online blogathon is set for Saturday April 25.

It will officially start at 9AM Saturday morning and end at 9AM on Sunday.

Bloggers will mainly consist of members of Police Wives Online, but I am willing to allow for sign-ups of any interested bloggers, provided all donation are made either through this blog or through the main donation page on Police Wives Online. A Paypal donation button will be set-up here soon.

Donations will benefit the many programs at Police Wives Online including the H.U.G.S. (Helping Uplift Grieving Survivors) program and a newly created scholarship fund for law enforcement families.

Here are the many ways you can help out:

(1) Be a donor. Definitely the easiest of all the jobs. Just click and donate! And be left with a warm, fuzzy feeling knowing your money went to a good cause. I cannot stress enough: no donation is too small!

(2) Be a supporter. If you don't have a blog, or if you don't want to be part of the blogathon, that's OK! You are bound to have friends that you can encourage to support the blogathon. Here is a nice graphic button for you to place on your blog, MySpace page, Facebook page, or anywhere else you can think of, to direct people to the site to donate.

(3) Be a chatter. Come and comment during the night, give me some feedback, and give me ideas for posts. PWO ladies, hit the chatrooms for some late-night fun. Your job is to keep me awake, all night!

(4) Be a part-time blogger. Can't blog the whole night? That's fine! You may want to think about rallying sponsors who can donate per post that you write during the time you do participate.

(5) Be a full-time blogger. Got it in you to stay up all 24 hours? GREAT! I need you! A traditional blogathon incorporates at least 1 post every thirty minutes, so a minimum of 48 posts during the blogathon.

For the writers: I will be posting writing challenges and prompts on the this blog during the event to help you come up with material for your posts.

What's in it for me? There will be awards handed out after the event, including one for Best Post and one for Most Posts During the Blogathon, for you to place on your blog later. There will also be an award given to the blog or site that sends the most traffic (I'm watching you in Google Analytics!), and even a prize to the person who gives the most money!

I will be posting more about this soon as the date gets closer.
So tell me what you think and ask your questions in the comments.

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