Monday, April 27, 2009

$20 Amazon Card Drawing

Well, here it is! Finally!
Just watch the video to see who won our awesome drawing!

Congrats, hon!
You'll be receiving an electronic gift card to the email address provided with your donation.

Thank y'all so much for making the blogathon a big success!

PS. I didn't even realize Panther was hanging out in the background of my vid! I guess he wanted to say hello!


  1. MJ arent you just as cute as you can be?? Sorry I couldnt donate anything this a little sidetracked by a BIG unexpected expense this month.

  2. Congrats Erin! And MJ - you are as cute as could be!!

  3. That's such a cute vid! Congrats Erin!

  4. MJ...what a cutie-patootie you are!!!!

    Do you know which one of those names was mine? Shhhh...don't tell anyone. Just a "yes" or "no" will do.

    Did you meet your goal?

  5. Hey, congrats on the new site and to the winner. Aspen says HI to panther:-) You're both a couple of cuties!

  6. Congrats to Erin! I guess we have to find a way to do that without using personal names for privacy sake. You are adorable and should definitely do more videos! :)