Sunday, April 26, 2009

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand... it's over!

Whew! Ok. Just let me get my bearings...

I will leave the donations, and a shot at the $20 Amazon gift card, for another 24 hours until tomorrow (Monday) at 9AM when I will draw and announce the random prize winner. So keep spreading the word around.

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We've raised $250, which is only a quarter of my goal, but it's nothing to sneeze at (whatever that means), and I know everyone is strapped for cash in this economy.

On to the THANK YOUs:

THANK YOU to all of you who donated. You have no idea how much your contributions will be helping Police Wives Online in the future.

THANK YOU to all the ladies who stayed up with me to blog as well as cheer us on.

THANK YOU to all of my favorite bloggers who gave a shout out for the blogathon this week - it really made a difference.

The cop just walked in off duty, so that's definitely my cue to hit the hay.
I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!


  1. Yay! Better than a stick in the eye!
    And no worries, I have a couple of relatives that didn't make their way over yet. The internets confuse them, bless their hearts.

    Have great rest, and we'll see you later!

  2. yay good job!!! :) enjoy your much anticipated sleep

  3. Great job MJ! Thanks for coordinating- I enjoyed reading everyone's posts. :)

  4. I almost made it :) I lost it at about 8....