Sunday, April 26, 2009

Muggle Musings

Writing Prompt: What would your Harry Potter name be?

I love all the names in the Harry Potter book series. They are wonderfully magical and made up names, but they make perfect sense when they are in the book.

I found a Harry Potter witch/wizard name generator online, and I typed I my first name to find out what my name would be.

And it is... Cassandra Crimsonchin.

I like the name Cassandra, but Crimsonchin? Seriously?
That kind of sounds like some kind of allergic reaction or rash.


  1. Nope, I'm sorry. A whopping size 9 here...
    Thanks for the comments to keep me going. Wish you the best of luck throughout the night and I'll see ya and the ticker in the morning....

    Till then.

  2. I'm Chrysta The Cursed. I tried putting in my last name to chane but alas I'm still Chrysta The Cursed.