Saturday, April 25, 2009

Note From the Cop

The following post is brought to you in part by my Department and mostly MJ's FDH.

Ok so to start off I know I'm not a police wife but I figured if MJ was going to be blogging all day, I thought I'd throw this one out to you guys and see if it's the same at your homes.

One of the things I've noticed that has changed since I become a police officer is the way I talk, and I'm not talking about my hillbilly cop traffic routine at work, I'm talking about how I talk at home. It seems like when I first started, I'd be telling MJ about a story from my night on the town, and when I'd tell her a code like 10-23 or S-16 I'd explain each and every one to her as I said it, that way she'd know I was talking about work, not some weird algebraic lines of rhythm that only a mathmatician or some victim of savant syndrome would understand.

As time went on, I find myself less and less explaining what in the world a S-61 is and more of just telling it like it's common phrasing. I mean hey who wouldn't understand: "3M18 control I've got one 10-26 reference to this S-8, 10-32 has been recovered. I'll be 10-95 to 46 to 29 with 11A1." I mean geez it makes perfect sense to me.

It's kind of like the world of text speak that all the little kids are doing now. LMAO ROFTFOL or whatever all those unheard of things are. It has become sad. I am now one of these sentence shorteners like all the texting teens of the world. I call MJ and instead of asking where she is I ask her for a 10-77 or what her 20 is and expect an accurate response. I've even begun texting crazy things like this. I know it can't just be me because when I recieve texts from people at work instead of saying those archaic terms like, "Ok," we pop out with the more trendy 10-4.

Maybe it's just me, but I think CopSpeak is going to be the next talk of this millenia. We're coming up folks. Even the crooks understand. I go ahead and stretch my legs when I'm out with suspects because when they hear their name and the code 10-99 on the radio, it's time to play run through the bushes with the police.

I'm not trying to tell you guys about how to stay hip in this ever changing world, but if you want to be able to sound in tune with the pop culture next time you go out, you might want to grab a copy of your loved ones code sheet from their training and get to work. I think I'm going to make MJ a copy of mine and start quizzing her codes.

Well it's been great guys, now I've got to get my uniform on so I can get 10-8 because I have a S-28 on my way to work and I know tonight is going to be filled with S-7's and 10-16's, and most likely a few S-16's.

The Cop


  1. Good suggestion! I'm grabbin my DH when he gets home and ordering a copy myself!

  2. MJ, you should definitely keep him. He's funny!

  3. Haha. My hubbs is like that sometimes, but not all that often. And even if I give him a quizzical look, I just have to figure it out for myself.

  4. Sometimes they have to be reminded that you are home and NOT at work.

  5. Bravo, Cop! MJ - you have a keeper.

    My husband did that a lot during the rookie years until I created mom codes and used them without telling him what they meant. *snicker* I should have just learned the codes - his stories seem MUCH longerrrr now :)

  6. LOL - Honey, you crack me up! Thanks for posting for me! *muah*

  7. After 9 years I actually understood the language, but his new dept. totally keeps away from code. Listening to his radio is strange, they say on the radio "going to lunch", "cancel backup", "Thank you", no code 4, no 10-4 nothing like that.... They give him a hard time, even after a year, he has a tough time with it.

  8. Holy crap,,,, I am no annonymous.... Who do you think I really am??? hehee....
    Hint.... I come with a glass of wine...

  9. HAHA! Cindi! I can't mistake the smell of fermented grapes for anyone else...

  10. Darn, and I thought I covered my tracks so well........