Saturday, April 25, 2009

Stupidity's Finest

If you have ever been over to my main blog at Note to Self, then you have probably read one of my many "Note to Idiots" posts.

I really enjoy writing these posts, not just because I can be snarky and make fun of morons, but because I get so much material from these posts on a day-to-day basis.

I'm standing in line at the grocery store... there's material there. I'm eating at a restaurant... good material. I'm people watching at the airport... oh my.

And every time my cop tells me a story, I could write a post. Since he calls to tell me about his night every time he gets off-duty, I generally get more material than I can possibly use from him. So, I will write you a short Note, based on a story he just told me on the phone.

Dear guy who can't follow directions,

When he tells you to simply sign the ticket, he means sign it. Don't argue, because he is a nice guy and is probably doing you a favor by only giving you a ticket.

Oh, but you had to argue didn't you. *sigh*

Now you're in jail, your car is towed, and you will probably lose your job. If only you had just shut up and signed the ticket.

You should have known better,

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