Saturday, April 25, 2009

C'mon Y'all!

Writing Prompt #10: Tell me about something you are just no good at, no matter how hard you try.

I personally feel that everyone has that one thing. That thing that they just can't accomplish.

For me it's bowling. I hate it. I'm bad at it. People are always friggin' asking me to go, and I don't want to. I usually am happy just sitting on the side, taking score, and chatting it up. But PLEASE don't make me play. Trust me, it's bad. And I don't mean like, never get a strike bad. I mean like, never hit a pin bad.


  1. Hi! Sorry I'm late, I was driving the better part of California today. I want to wish you luck on your blogathon today. The one thing I'm bad at? Hmmmmmmm....eating vegetables?

  2. I have zero music skills. Can't sing (although I do) and I can't hold a beat.

  3. I am a witch - a real live spell casting WITCH - and I can't grow anything but mold :( Flowers..? Dead. Bushes..? Dead. Mint (you know the stuff that, when you drop a clipping while walking through your yard and into your home to re-pot it in the house, takes over said yard COMPLETELY in about a week)..? DEAD! Oh, and I simply cannot keep herbal information in my mind - it's like my brain & herbal knowledge are magnets that repel each other...
    Some witch I am, huh..?

  4. I can not whistle. at all.
    I have a terrible sense of direction. I get lost all the time.