Saturday, April 25, 2009

Right About Now

Right about now, while I get ready to go to my retail job, I know he's getting dressed to go to his job too.

I'm putting on a t-shirt, jeans, and flipflops, while he straps on his kevlar, HK, and badge.

And as weird as that would seem to anyone not in law enforcement, it's totally normal to me. I remember the first night he went to work - the badge was all shiny and he wore his patent dress shoes. It was so strange to see him in uniform.

Now the badge is scratched, and he wears boots instead. And it's no longer a shock to see him in uniform. But I still like it.

Who doesn't like a man in uniform? :)


  1. Rarely do I see mine in uniform. He works 2p-midnight so I don't see him for 4 days at a time usually. The last time I saw him in uniform, I had to actually go see him at work. I sure do love that uniform, though.

  2. I love my hubs in uniform. That is, if it's somewhat freshly washed and doesn't smell like prostitute or drugs.

  3. I know I love to see J in his uniform :) I really like it when he's in his BDUs all SWATed out :) lookin like he's ready to go kick some butt!