Saturday, April 25, 2009

Loving an Officer

Loving an officer is definitely not a hard thing to do. I remember growing up, when I started dating, and thinking to myself, ugh, I could never marry a cop - the awful hours, the not knowing...

And well, here we are. But I'm not marrying a cop, I'm marrying a great man who just happens to lock up bad people for a living.

And boy, am I excited about it!


  1. What an awesome photo!!! Lots of love there, and you can tell.


  2. You both are so cute together!

  3. Adorable photo - you look great together. : ) Sorry I'm getting a late start, didn't realize I was couple hours behind and then had kid errands to run. I'm here, though and will try to catch up.

  4. LOVE this photo of your two!!!!!