Saturday, April 25, 2009

Photographic Memory

Writing Prompt #6: If you could make a photo documentary of anything what would it be?

I have always been a scrapbooking freak, and I love taking pictures. Granted, I'm not super-talented with a camera or anything, but I did win some awards in highschool for some artsy pictures of my cat.

Anyway, when I was younger, I thought I wanted to get into photography, specifically sports photography. I was always enthralled by pictures of people in movement, especially dancers. Being able to catch that perfect moment is so much harder than it looks, and you can waste a whole memory chip (or roll of film, when I was starting out) just trying to get one decent shot out of the bunch.

Although this passion in me has faded, I still love the thought of capturing live-action shots, and I have always thought it would be amazing to be able to catch police officers in action. Not the kind that ends up on Youtube where some officer is making a mockery of himself by being an ass, but the kind that really shows what officers deal with on a regular basis.

I think a good photo-mentary of officers at work would help return them to the noble status that they deserve.

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